Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Skip The Messenger Bag And Use a Backpack

For all of college and until recently, I was over the backpack. After wearing them endlessly through years of school, I was ok with never owning one again. Well, that changed last summer when my messenger bag strap broke while I was in Paris and I needed a replacement when I got back to school in the Netherlands. I was walking around town and came across a menswear store that carried a backpack that I loved (The Fjall Raven Kanken), and I bought it right then and there, and haven't looked back since.  And probably the best part switching to a backpack is no more shoulder pain from a single messenger bag strap.

So for those of you who don't own a backpack, or don't think they can look cool after middle school, here are a few recent ones that I really like and think you might too:

Baja Ikat Backpack - $82 - Oak NYC

 Cord Park In Beige - Master-Piece - $265 - Need Supply

 Kanken 17 inch Laptop Bag - Fjall Raven - $110 - Need Supply
(I own this one in blue and use it almost daily, it also comes in smaller sizes and a non-laptop version)

 Tribal Print Flap Backpack - River Island - $63.63 - ASOS

Cotton Canvas Back Pack - Whillas & Gunn - $245.43 - ASOS

Rivington Nylon Backpack - Coach - $298 - Coach

If you have a favorite backpack or brand of bags that wasn't mentioned here, let us know in the comments!


  1. That cord park in beige is nice. I need a new bag, my chrome bag is long gone..all of them. And though I like'd their backpacks I think I, like many others, have moved passed needing to look like a courier on a college campus.

  2. I'm over my chrome bag, kind beyond that phase.