Sunday, December 18, 2011

Weekend Beatup Watch

Sometimes you just need a watch that you don't give a shit about. I picked up a pretty inexpensive River Island watch earlier this year before a long trip abroad, because I didn't want to risk losing or damaging my nicer watches, and two months of heavy travel is not easy on a watch. After logging thousands of hours on that watch, it's starting to look a little beat up and the strap is starting to fray, but who cares? I paid $35 for it and it still gives me the correct time. What more do you need from a watch when you are looking for a casual one that you can let get beat up?

Here are a few options that look great, and won't upset you if you lose or break them:

Timex - Weekender - $40 -

Military Watch Co. - Black Metal Vietnam - $58 -

River Island - Blue Nautical Stripe Watch - $39.98 -

Nitro - Gary - $19.50 -

Remember, this isn't suppose to be something you will pass down to your children. All you need is something that tells time and looks good with most of what you wear.