Friday, November 11, 2011

Winter Boots for Real Winter Weather

We all know boots are a necessary staple. Everyone should own at least one pair. But what I want to talk about today is boots where function is more important than form. I decided to write this post because this morning we got the first snow of the season. Two days ago, it was 65 degrees and sunny out and serious winter boots sounded like a far off concern. Well, the reality that winter is just around the corner came crashing down today and the winter boots had to make an appearance.

So when I look for a winter boot, I want something that can stand up to long walks in snow and wet weather without any leaking. I also want a boot that will last, so if it's leather, it has to be high quality and preferrably oiled, so it can easily be maintained to keep them waterproof and looking good.

Here are a few pairs that should live up to those standards, while still looking good:

Red Wing 1907 Classic Moc Boot - This was the pair I picked up this year and so far I love them. They are incredibly sturdy, yet incredibly comfortable.

These L.L. Bean boots will survive almost any weather with all the rubber, and the dark browns and navy will look great while at it.

Cole Haan Air Hunter Hiking Boots - Thick rubber soles with giant treads are a must for bad weather, and the red laces and plaid accents are a nice touch on top of it.

Superdry Swamp Boots - Once again, treads are important, this boot will be great for any wet weather, but might not quite have enough tread for those serious snow storms

Sorel 1964 Premium T Boots - Serious tread, serious waterproof materials, serious style, exactly what you need to look for.

When looking for a heavy-duty winter boots, construction matters. The last thing you want is a poorly put-together boot that leaks all over. Treads are key, avoid at all costs anything with a leather sole. You want some type of rubber with deep treads to avoid slipping. 

If you have any recommendations on boots or tips for shopping for winter boots, share them in the comments!

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