Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Sun Never Sets on a Badass

In my summer style post a few days ago, one of the topics I covered was sunglasses and I wanted to expand a little on the variety of styles that are big this season as well as show a few options at different price points.  These are some of my favorite stylings I've found this summer.  Just remember, when it comes to sunglasses, no matter how much you like a particular style, try before you buy.  Just because it looks good in the display, doesn't guarantee it will look good on your face.  So lets get started:

Tom Ford - Maxime - $324

This is Tom Ford's Maxime Sunglasses and echos that retro/classic look that is really big this summer.  Stylistically, I really like the narrowing and then opening back up on the bridge of the nose that give it that vintage look.  This comes in a few color combinations, the brown tortoise shell being my favorite in terms of my style.  It also comes in a really cool honey colored tortoise shell style as well.

Prada - Retro - $225

Once again, retro styling shows up in these Prada glasses.  What stands out about this particular pair is the clean lines on the side as well as fade from black to a transparent grey.  This is definitely a pair that could be worn into fall and winter as well.

Ray-Ban - Aviators - $139

I thought I should include this obvious classic in the mix.  Ray-Ban created the first pair of Aviators back in 1936 and nothing much has changed about them since then, but why mess with perfection?  These look good year round and can be dressed up or down easily.  They are probably the most versatile pair of sunglasses you can own and at a reasonable price.  Ray-Ban Wayfarers and Clubmasters are other great options from this iconic company worth checking out.
Topman - Brown Soho Retro - $32

There are pretty much a Ray-Ban Clubmaster knockoff, but look at the price.  You can't go wrong with the clean and classic look of the Clubmaster style with gold and tortoise shell and at $32 a pair, it's not the end of the world if they turn up missing at the end of a wild night.

Cheap Monday - The Round Shades in Yellow - $30

I love the color of these frames and for that price, I already ordered a pair.  Once again, the classic look prevails, but with a little bit of edge because of the transparent frames.  This is another great low budget option to expand your sunglass collection.

So that's just a small assortment of some great sunglass options available right now.  And remember, price matters when it comes to sunglasses.  Higher priced sunglasses will have higher quality construction that can be seen and felt and will often just be more comfortable when worn.  So no matter what your budget, if you are looking for one pair to wear everyday, it's worth it to put down some decent money or save up if you are on a tight budget.  However, if you are a sunglass collector, dropping a couple hundred dollars every time you see a new pair you like is a luxury few can afford, so you might as well find those inexpensive brands that still have the styling you are looking for.

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