Friday, July 2, 2010

Lanvin's Men's Spring 2010 Collection

In what was generally considered a pretty mediocre line of shows for Men's Spring 2011 Fashion Week (maybe it was all the man skirts), there was one designer that received quite a bit of positive attention.  Lanvin's Spring 2011 line has quite an edge to it that's heavy on the black and earth tones, but pretty creative when it comes to the construction of the individual pieces, especially the jackets.  I'll skip a lengthy description for a couple pictures:

I really like the slim tailoring of this trench coat as well as the hem detailing around the lapel.

What impressed me most about this double breasted suit is the cut of the jacket.  The slim fit and short length make this one of those rare double breasted suits that look really great on slimmer guys.  Also, check out the sandals.  Everything here could easily work as well off the runway as on (not an endorsement of the sandaled suit look, wear those separately).

If you want to see more from the collection, check out plenty of photos from the show on Kanye West's blog.  That's right.  You know its a big deal if Kanye is blogging about it.

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