Sunday, July 4, 2010

Get Your Knot Tying Merit Badge

For some guys, tying a tie is a pain that usually involves about eight frustrating attempts to get that perfect length and nice knot.  For others, it's a 30 second process to get out of the way, solidifying a sloppy and careless look.

There are a number of methods for tying ties out there, but one that is often overlooked or completely unheard of is the Oriental Knot.  Where the full windsor can be overwhelmingly large even on a spread collar and the four in hand too small or asymmetrical to look decent, the Oriental Knot often can be the perfect balance.  It is a bit of a unique method, but is easy to learn and hopefully it will become your favorite method like it has become mine.

Here are the steps:

That's all it takes to make that tie look great.  Give it a try next time you are dressing up and see if you are converted to the Oriental Knot.  For more knots, check out the iPhone App, vTie, with its step-by-step instructions of five popular knots.

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